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Will I have difficulty getting a building permit for my Modular home?

The majority of our house elements are based on standard construction methods. These methods comply with the NBC, CSA, UL codes, and meet or exceed the performance of conventionally framed homes. Before beginning construction, we offer clients support and assistance throughout the permit review and approval process. Local codes do vary, however, regarding restrictions on things such as height, maximum or minimum width, maximum or minimum square footage on a lot, hardcover, etc. and a preliminary review of your design with your local building official is highly recommended. Are there any constraints to the exterior finishes of my building? We can apply any exterior material including masonry, steel siding, fibre cement panels, stucco etc.

Are PICS homes environmentally friendly?

At PICS sustainable building practices are central to our philosophy. We use renewable and recyclable resources in our construction. PICS factory built modules actually generate far less construction waste than conventional construction. Our modules are highly insulated and use only energy star windows and doors, which makes them very ecological and energy efficient. We use materials such as bamboo, rockwool, steel in order to have less of an environmental impact. We also use no VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) within our construction. PICS architects are also LEED certified.

How strong are the modules?

The PICS modules are made of Corten steel, which is super durable, lasts over 100 years, and is highly recycled. Because the modules are built off-site they actually meet more stringent building codes than wood frame construction since they must withstand the stress of intermodal transportation.

How well do PICS modules endure natural disasters?

PICS modules are built to comply and exceed with all conventional construction standards. Due to the steel construction our modules withstand natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes much better than conventionally built structures. Our modules have been certified earthquake resistant + non combustible.

How much time can I save?

Typically our entire process will cut the realisation of the project by 25-50% faster than the conventional building system.